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Her Own Healing Journey

Her Own Healing Journey, Healing Worlds Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Naperville, ILWhile afflicted with her third set of four autoimmune conditions, she penned in a journal many years ago:


In March, 8 years ago, after battling Lupus for more than 20 years, I found myself
alone. I had tried Native American healing methods and herbs. Western Medicine
had given up on me and I had become allergic to everything including aspirin.
While staving off impending kidney failure, jaundiced, and getting tired breathing,
I began calling and emailing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners
rather blindly until I got a response. Although I could hardly walk a half block at
the time, I took the train downtown, then a cab to the corner of Michigan and
Madison and walked about 50 yards to the Chicago office. I entered exhausted and
began my journey through TCM, not knowing what to expect! (I had only read
some books and tried some of the self-help techniques including Qi-Gong). I left
the office after one acupuncture treatment able to walk a mile back to the train
station in 15 minutes, coat open. Since then, TCM has sustained me, opened several
doors for cultural exploration and study, and allowed me to rededicate my life.
Traditions, Research, Study & Practice in China

Four degrees later, none of which I planned on, and many more years than I ever expected to live, I am still studying, researching and practicing.

For more than 50 years of my life, I have studied medicine in its various forms and traditions.....

More about my international journey, my Chinese medicine family, and years of study soon............

Dr. Debra